“May I Have A Chilled Beer??”

A wise man once said: “Life and beer are very similar, chill for best results”.  Now we all love our beer (most of us!!) and we all love our beer to be CHILLED. There are also many people who are overtly particular about how chilled the beer should be, and they should be-have you seen how warm its already gotten-that damn beer needs to be chilled. A friend of mine has returned multiple beers at multiple places in Delhi NCR just because they were not chilled enough. She told me-“It’s a Saturday night, almost 40 degrees outside-the least they could do is serve me a chilled beer”. I nodded my head in affirmation and in my mind I couldn’t agree more to what she said.

Personally, I have gone to many lengths to ensure that the beer that I serve or drink is chilled-my friends can vouch for that. Whether at home or on a road trip or on a holiday I just somehow find a way-even if that means walking into a lake which has freezing cold water and holding that can of beer in the water for at least half hour-trust me it is worth the effort 🙂

Just the other day we were at “no filter” at SDA market, the place was packed to the brim and just by looking at the faces of the stewards (not many in number)-I could sense trouble-10 years in the F&B industry gives you superpowers like these ;). Sure enough, the steward serving us seemed like he had a train to catch and he committed the cardinal sin of not getting the temperature of the beer checked before opening it, you know where this is going now-the beer was but obviously not chilled enough. A couple of arguments later with multiple people who posed as managers we got the beer changed, but I guess the warm beer didn’t leave a great taste-so much so that we left that place and shifted base to Beer Cafe.

Beer Cafe was a pleasant change. Special provisions were made in order for us to get a table, the server was smiling, friendly and knowledgeable. When my friend mentioned that if the beer is not cold enough she would return it, he responded saying-“Why don’t you taste it first and if it’s not chilled as per your liking you can return it and try another beer”-Now that’s what I’m talking about 🙂

So what needs to be done in order to ensure that the beer you serve is chilled to perfection?? Surprise, Surprise-NOT VERY MUCH AT ALL!!! We are fortunate enough to have an invention called a fridge/freezer/chiller-it goes by multiple names, I am sure you all know what one looks like :).If you stack those beers in a proper manner and well before time(a watch helps you keep track of that) you are going to sail home a winner. And that’s not all, you don’t even need technology-a bucket, a slab of ice, and a sprinkling of salt work just as well. To top it all off you also have help-from the beer manufacturers that ensure the bottles are darker in colour just so that they chill faster.

I have been harping about the basics and how restaurants/lounges/bars/ pubs in Delhi don’t get it right. This is another one of those basics-A beer needs to be chilled, chilling the glass in which you will serve the beer also works well. You need to get the temperature of the beer checked before you open the bottle and if they don’t find it cold enough-you change that bottle, just don’t argue 🙂

A signage I came across sums this up all very well-“Our beer is as cold as your Ex’s Heart”-Now wouldn’t you walk in there 🙂

Kanav Mata

Customer, Hotelier, Restauranter and Hospitality Trainer


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