Down Memory Lane-Family Time hasn’t “Run Out”

Today is not about Chilled beer, Poor service or the Palate Fest. It’s about Family, Bonds and Cricket 🙂

Let me turn the clock to about 20 years ago and tell you a little something about my brother and myself.

Sports formed a very integral part of our lives. Tennis, Badminton and Cricket being the front runners.Needless to say whenever we engaged in any of these sports it was against each other and both of us were fiercely competitive, trust me when I say this-neither of us wanted to lose-EVER!!

I’ll talk about Cricket as recent events in my present life have triggered off this memory. Like all kids growing up in the 90’s we played cricket everywhere possible-The park outside our house-where our parents fought with a section of people who wanted to turn it into an “ornamental” park and not let the kids play, the street outside our house-where hitting the ball into other’s houses made you lose your wicket and our driveway-where we emulated the greats of our time by playing full blown out ODI’s and even Test matches.

The driveway was my personal favourite, but we did face our challenges when it came to executing our game there .Our landlord wasn’t our most ardent supporter (maybe because we made too much noise), homework and exams were always a bummer and ate into our time, at times that damned car was parked in the driveway and no one to remove it was our biggest nemesis, the heat, the cold and the rain also played their part. Do you think any of this stopped us??? NEVER-we were willing to go to war for that game of cricket 🙂

At times we had company-my cousin brother, our friends from down the road. Depending on the number of people the kind of the game changed-from “numbering” to making teams and playing against each other. The rules of the game were pretty much similar to what all of you would have gone through at some stage in your lives-one tip one hand was out, only one batsmen batting at a time, crossing a particular line was two runs, cracking the neighbours window was out. You get the drift, right 🙂

Oh and did I mention-I cheated, like a lot!!!,Haha :). I was obviously NEVER run out, many a time I adjudged the ball to be too fast, many a time I claimed that I was not ready and if things really blew out of proportion I used to walk away with the bat and wickets because it belonged to me. Now when I look back I think I did it because I figured out that it really pissed my brother off :), he played by the rules and took pride in that.

I mentioned that recent events triggered this memory-we now play cricket AGAIN in our driveway (this one is longer as we shifted houses) and when I say we it is now the ENTIRE family-my mom, my dad, my brother(when he is town), my sister-in-law, the cook, the driver-EVERYONE. Oh!! And I forgot to mention one name, the person who initiated this entire saga once again-my five year old nephew-Ranveer. He  does not like to be given out, he gets angry if things go wrong, he has managed to set a rule where he will not be out on the first ball, doesn’t want his team to do well when he gets out and tries to cheat once in a while-I really wonder where he gets all of this from??? 😉

It’s a daily affair and everyone has to participate otherwise the five year old throws a tantrum(he can get away with that).Not that any of the participating members complain-they all look forward to it, they all give it their best, and compete like rock stars. It’s the one time in the household where everyone is equal-no father, no son, no cook, no driver-just members of a team playing cricket against each other.

Recently my brother was in town and he obviously joined us in our game of cricket. We were of course pitted against each other, that’s when it all came back to me-it seemed just the same like it was 20 years back, similar rules, the competitive spirit, the arguments on whether it was a wide or not and of course I still cheated 😉

It is fair to say life has come full circle-20 years ago it was a simple yet powerful game of cricket that helped me strengthen bonds with my brother and today it is STILL a simple yet powerful game of cricket born out of a five year old’s inclination that has probably helped the entire family strengthen their bond.

Come join us for a game one of these days!!

Kanav Mata

Self Proclaimed Cricketer, Hotelier, Restauranter and Hospitality Trainer





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