“This Never Happened”-An “Experience” to Remember (Umm..Or Not)

It’s been a while, I know. Although what I don’t know is why.
Still tossing up in my head whether this happened because a very dear friend called “work” decided to walk in and take over my life or was it just because I didn’t find anything powerful enough to write about. I think that’s a conundrum that I’ll live with:)

Music plays a very integral part of my life, no I don’t play an instrument (even though my mother tried very hard) and considering that music is a part of her DNA, she kind of expected that one of her sons would follow in her footsteps – but it just wasn’t meant to be. Though, she now has high hopes from the Grandchildren :). I’m essentially an avid listener and as of today – Deep house and Techno are the two genres that appeal to me the most. Like most of us who listen to this kind of music – I’ve been through the journey of various BPMs of EDM that started with Trance/PSY, moved on to house music, then some commercial stuff with variations here and there till I finally found my comfort zone between Deep House and Techno (think I’m going to stay there for a while😊)

Late last year I started listening to an artist called Lane 8, something instantly clicked. Set after Set, track after track it was pure magic. After a very long time I heard music that I actually “connected” with. I searched and scoped online and think I would have managed to listen to every set/track that he had. I distinctly remember downloading one of the sets and saving it for a longish drive up to the hills sometime in December and boy was it worth it!! Nothing better than driving into the mountains with the windows down, the breeze cooling down, nature in all its splendour and music to make the journey one to remember. My friend in the passenger seat also became a fan.

P.S: He almost made the journey from Pune to Delhi for the gig 

I felt that someone up there was listening to me when Submerge Music announced that Lane 8 would be doing an India tour. I was naturally excited and eagerly waiting for this to happen. To add to it the concept of “This Never Happened” (wherein you are not supposed to click any photos or record videos once at the venue, instead immerse yourself in the music and enjoy the moment) was something that was right down my alley.

The damned elections meant that Delhi would happen on a Thursday rather than a Friday, but that now meant an uphill battle on Friday at work :), I was ready for it all.

The music turned out to be everything that I expected it to be and more-magical, pure, melodious, lots of highs and lows-the works. It was a great set!

Now, there is a reason that I used the term “music” and not “experience”. Reason being that the “experience” could have been far far better. Let’s start at the entry- we reached the venue at around 10pm, there was no line but there were just multitudes of people, some trying to buy tickets, some trying to enter with tickets already bought, some just hanging around and some just being Delhi (trying to use their influence to get in). There was no semblance of order and we looked at each other and said “We are never going to get in”. We figured that the only way that this was going to happen was by taking matters in our own hands. So not only did we speak to the people behind the counter and make them realize that they have a problem (which they seemed oblivious to) but a friend of mine had to also play bouncer to ensure that no one cuts the line!! Oh and BTW.. No separate line for women, that is also something that we initiated, so for all those who got in to the venue-you are most welcome:).

There were a couple of things inside the venue that could have been far better. For starters, it was like a furnace inside, was probably better outside (with the mist fans) but who wants to be outside when all the action is on the inside! I also personally missed the fact that there were no visuals which for me at least, enhances the experience.

“This Never Happened”-An “Experience” to Remember (Umm..Or Not)

Here is what I am getting at-Over the past few years organizations like Submerge, individuals like Nikhil Chinnapa have left no stone unturned in getting the best of artists to India, even Eric Prydz who has a fear of flying made the trip (missed that one) and Kudos to them for the fantastic job that they have been doing and continue to do so. They have literally transformed the music scene with respec to this genre in India. BUT, BUT where we have leaps and bounds go is the seamless execution of an event of this magnitude which turns it into an experience a music lover would never forget, for the right reasons!! What I have stated above is just one example, I also remember when Hardwell was here we could not get in to the venue because they mismanaged the queues, there was almost a stampede and by the time we reached the ticket counter Hardwell was saying “Bye Bye”!  I also know I’ve been kind of nitpicking but if you do have someone of the calibre of Lane 8, Hardwell coming then you might as well dot the i’s and cross the t’s…

So yes, keep them coming. It’s doing wonders for the music scene on this country and keeps many like me very happy:). But once they are here do try and make it an “experience” that people remember and not only walk away saying “The music was good, but…….”

No one likes buts (single “t” variety!!)

For now, see you at the boiler room, really looking forward to that one :). Oh!! And Yotto!!

-Kanav Mata

Hospitality and L&D Professional, Music Lover


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